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Project license

You pay per project and can up-/downgrade as you wish. See the options

Student license

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Compatible with all platforms


SOLOTry Glasshouse

  • 1 user
  • 1 BIM model
  • 10,000 objects
  • 20 specifications
  • Tenderlist integration

BASICOnly models

  • 15 users
  • 5 BIM models
  • 30,000 objects
  • 0 specifcations
  • Tenderlist integration

PROWith specifications and tenderlists

  • 15 users
  • 8 BIM models
  • 50,000 objects
  • 500 specifications
  • Tenderlist integration

MEGAFor huge projects

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited BIM models
  • Unlimited objects
  • Unlimited specifications
  • Tenderlist integration


ENTERPRISEFor corporate implementation

  • 5+ project licenses included
  • Corporate library for specifications
  • Advanced user management
  • Education
  • Personal support


A helping hand - whether stuck or busy

Sometimes you need a little push to get started - or you have to many things to do.

We can help you with education, and hands to execute tasks in GLASSHOUSE.

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You always have free access to Q&A forum, mail support, how-to videos and instructions.

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