What do the GLASSHOUSE users say?

The risk of forgetting components in a project is huge, and the contractors exploit this. We must avoid this altogether. GLASSHOUSE is an important factor in avoiding errors in the project - and thereby avoiding extra bills and arbitrations.

GLASSHOUSE provides us with a place to save specifications, but also a place where we can share knowledge and learn from each other.

We plan to implement a corporate standard for specifications, tenderlists and journals with GLASSHOUSE - there is great potential for time savings, and it will give a standardised structure towards our partners.

Another challenge is the requirement of consistency across models, specifications and tenderlists - GLASSHOUSE offers a great advantage in this quality assurance.

GLASSHOUSE saves time by removing manual processes, but the quality assurance is the key benefit.

thumb Peter Thorseng
Vice President – Scandinavia | Danish Energy Management & Esbensen

We have with great success used GLASSHOUSE to handle our BIM model in projects with requirements of amount-based tenders.

We experience a high professionalism and insight into our problems, and a super support.

thumb Jesper Pildal
IT manager | JJW Arkitekter

The great advantage of GLASSHOUSE is the link between components from the model and each individual specification. We use it for ongoing quality assurance. I definitely see the advantage of doing it like this, when it comes to 3D modelling.

GLASSHOUSE provides overview. We have become more aware of what to look for - and better to stay on top.

GLASSHOUSE has provided us with a different way of thinking when starting a project. What should the result be? Which documents do we need? How should it be structured?

I see great potential for eliminating manual processes with GLASSHOUSE. GLASSHOUSE is an obvious opportunity for creating a corporate standard for starting projects.

thumb Brian Hurup-Feldby
Technical Advisor | Danish Energy Management & Esbensen

Selection of projects that GLASSHOUSE has optimised

JJW Arkitekter

New construction of building for the Department of Large Animal Sciences section (VRO) at University of Copenhagen

JJW Arkitekter
Danish Energy Management & Esbensen

The new Museum of Danish Resistance will be constructed where the old museum burned down in 2013

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen
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